On White Space
Extended essay + visual essay

On White Space explores the influences of architecture over graphic design through researching a shared common term ‘white space’. The essay progresses through scale and time looking at both the poetic and functional meanings of the terms white and negative space. It covers a broad selection of work from graphic design and architecture, connected by visual art and looking ahead to digital spaces. The 100 page essay was submitted as part of my final assessment, designed with the research themes in mind and is bound in grey linen.
This area of study is of particular interest to my creative practice as it allows me to be open to many influences, both related and unrelated to graphic design.


Scottish Dance Theatre

Treating the book as a stage and theatrical prop, underpinned the approach to producing the programme for the Scottish Dance Theatre.
Using a combination of French-fold techniques allowed the photography to traverse over pages or, at times, hide between them, helping to create unexpected points of interest. To add drama, the images throughout were strictly treated in monotone with small bursts of full colour areas overlaid with a clear UV spot varnish to convey the exciting, tactile and dynamic performances by the Scottish Dance Theatre.

Architectural Design
Book jacket

Top 10 Tips for Potted Plants
Type design + layout

Around the same time I was designing the typeface ‘Familiar’ I was introduced to illustrator and print maker, Esme MacIntyre. Collaborating with Esme was a great way to test out the typeface for her wonderfully colourful, short run book, ‘Top 10 Tips for Potted Plants’. We learned that we shared similar influences, with our respective research drawing on similar themes and practitioners ultimately leading to a successful and fun collaboration.
Esme’s prints are available for sale through her Etsy shop.