Katie James
Video + visual identity

Rehearsal Room, documents Katie James’ signature style of dance and was recorded at our first meeting, along with sketching Katie’s movements which helped to influence the final logomark. The logomark, which is reduced to Katies initals and test printed on silk twill further emphasises and captures the essence of movement which I was inspired by.
Breathe, became the final film that premiered at the Glasgow School of Art 2019 degree show, and is directly influenced by Katie’s yoga practice. Developed to be a flexible site specific piece, it was projected onto the floor within the same dimensions of a yoga mat, using 3mm frosted acrylic as a screen, it was possible to view the film from different angles as the audience moved around it or across it.
Sound of breath supplied through head-phones, allowed the audience to become focussed participants, making it an intimate experience in an otherwise busy and distracting environment. This film also gave me a chance to art direct and style the final shoot.

Identity for Katie James / Rehearsal Room / 02:50

Identity for Katie James / Breathe / 03:04

Festival of Ideas
Logotype, animation + branding

Festival of Ideas: Celebrating Ideas and Innovation, is a creative event that required a logo, advertisement and merchandise. Exploring how the notion of ideas and innovation could be translated, looking at things from a different perspective as well as the ‘Eureka!’ moment directed the outcome of this brief and how it may be applied.
The animated logo is colourful and exciting, while the variety of colour allows it to be expanded into spacial zoning within the event, with each colour attributed to a different area of the festival. I also experimented with projecting the logo and supporting information, imagining how it might be percieved in unexpected locations, away from being typically shown in print or on screen.

Festival of Ideas / animated logo / 00:10