Typeface + specimen

Familiar is a digital typeface created from memories of childhood, education and learning. Acting on subconscious influences, Familiar is open, bright, friendly and subtly exagerated in form with its roots in modernism.
With its extended ascenders and descenders Familiar Regular mimics the learning process of writing. Ideally it can be used for display, or for colourful yet minimal body text. A physical specimen was created as a teaching tool to help explore the anatomy of type using materials not normally associated with typography further supporting the underlying themes of the typeface.

The specimen is available on request.

Womens Type Foundry
Side/sign project

Founded in 2019 Womens Type Foundry is a design and research based project formed with the intention of making the odd typeface here and there, as well as developing a sign painting and mural practice while sharing these skills through workshops. See our work in the wild at Salt Space Co-op.